For a brief moment, Jami considered pursuing a photography career during her senior year in high school - before digital photography. Her dad persuaded her to study and pursue a career path in a math and science field. After she became a mother and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science degree in Math, she opened a very special gift from her dad. It was a Pentax SLR camera...yes a 35mm. She was ecstatic. Digital had recently made it's debut so they knew there was much room for improvement. Jami's infant son made learning her new "big" camera that much more enjoyable. With her son on a hip and a camera around her neck, she had everything she needed.


After 12 years and much encouragement, she finally took that leap of faith, followed her heart and pursued her dream of photography. She soon realized that digital photography wasn't only a capturing art, rather a capture and create art. Digital photography is constantly evolving as technology advances. Whether it is a tutorial, an article, a workshop or just trying something new and different, Jami is deliberate and purposeful in becoming a better photographer.


Jami Hunt Photography was established in 2011.

(And her infant son will graduate high school in 2018.)